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TheTimberXchange is a technology developed specifically for the timber industry that allows the electronic sending and receiving of documents.

The objective of TheTimberXchange is to eliminate duplicated data entry, and to reduce the time and cost associated with the sending/receiving of information.

For example, a vendor despatches timber to a purchaser by generating a despatch note. On receipt of the despatch note, the purchaser will then re-key the pack(et) details into his/her own system. This process and associated documentation - such as purchase orders, sales orders, despatch confirmation, invoice, bank transactions - occurs whenever timber moves from one site/ownership to another. It creates much duplicated effort and cost, creates lag time, and minimises information on supply chain status.

The TimberXchange operates in two ways:

  • Provides a transport mechanism to move messages from one system to another using Internet technologies
  • Provides a code conversion capability that means that the sender is able to send information in his/her own format that can be received by the receiver in his/her own format.

By joining TheTimberXchange you can start doing eBusiness (sending/receiving electronic documents) with any of the following associated companies:
New Zealand Companies
Red Stag Timber, Access Pacific, Kiwi Group, Mitre10 New Zealand, CHH, PlaceMakers Mt Manganui, ITM, Claymark Group, Taranaki Sawmills
Australia Companies
Auspine, ITI New South Wales, ITI South Australia, ITI Victoria, Sydney Wholesale Timber, John Cooks and Sons, Mitre10 Australia