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What is TheTimberXchange?
TheTimberXchange is a technology developed specifically for the timber industry that allows the electronic sending and receiving of documents.

The objective of TheTimberXchange is to eliminate duplicated data entry, and to reduce the time and cost associated with the sending/receiving of information.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information please email kevin@timbersmart.co.nz.

How do I get started?
On the Home Page - Click on "Click Here to Sign up Now". Fill in all the details and you will be contacted by a TimberSmart representative.

How much does it cost?
TheTimberXchange.Com has a registration fee and a useage charge. Contact TimberSmart for a price list.

Your news section talks about despatch dockets and Purchase Orders. What other documents can be sent through TheTimberXchange?
Any document that is printed from one system and keyed in to another can be sent through TheTimberXchange.

I don't use either the TimberSmart or Lumberflex inventory management systems. Can I still use TheTimberXchange?
As long as you can send and/or receive a document electronically you can use TheTimberXchange. You can receive documents (with your product codes, report layout etc) if you have e-mail or fax. TheTimberXchange is entirely system independant.

Is TheTimberXchange being used?
In the two months since the first despatch on the 14 February 2001 data associated with over 3000 packets of timber was sent from suppliers to customers. This volume will increase dramatically over the next few months.

Will the expected increase in documents going through TheTimberXchange affect performance?
No. TheTimberXchange is built using the latest Microsoft products including Biztalk Server and SQL Server. These products are designed to handle very large transaction volumes.